Car Rental Services from Bagdogra

Car Rental Services from Bagdogra


North Bengal and Sikkim has been a tourist magnet attracting tourists from across India and abroad as well. There has always been confusion about which airport to land & which is the nearest railway station in Siliguri. Well the only airport in Siliguri would be Bagdogra airport that caters to the needs of many travelers wanting to fly till here. There has always been a hassle about the variety of transport options after you reach here and we are here to elaborate and enlighten you on how to book a car rental service before you have reached Bagdogra.

Some nearby places and their Distances:

Bagdogra  to Siliguri town - 10 km

Bagdogra  to Darjeeling - 68.3 km

Bagdogra  to Sikkim – 126 km

Bagdogra to Mirik - 44 km

Bagdogra to Kalimpong - 76 km

Bagdogra to Dooars - 77 km 


Need for a rental car in Bagdogra

The airport is quite away from the main town of Siliguri and even reaching the main highway that leads to this airport, takes quite sometime. So, hiring a cab before or after your arrival is a must and let’s use why is renting a car important for travelers landing here:


  • Before you arrive:

It feels good and is also a plus if your rental car is ready at your service. Waiting after arrival can be very tiring after arrival so it is a smart decision to hire car rental services your arrival.


  • Reasonable Booking:

It is not hidden to all that the bookings from Airport are always double the market fares so have no second thoughts before booking your airport pickup. If you wish to book a taxi after you have arrived, it is assured that you shall have to pay more than the actual rates. So being smart is what is required here.


  • Tourist Friendly:

When you book cabs beforehand and have already spoken about your requirements, stopping wherever needed and convenience is surely assured. The experienced drivers and their humility should be pleasant to your travel experience or road trip.


  • No Waiting:

It is certainly a big issue which every traveler hates to experience. Just imagine that you have finally arrived after a long tiring flight. After arrival, you come out to the parking and find no one waiting for you. Looking out for taxis after arrival can be stressful so make no mistakes and book your rental from Bagdogra.


  • Customer Support:

A car rental agency shall have a complete team working behind your tour and if there arises any urgent situations, it shall be the rental team who shall make arrangements for the same. Spot booking is common but the single driver and his car are upon themselves and any mishap during the journey shall have to be faced by you only.


Outstation travel, Day-based rentals and Airport transfers

Your travel motive can be anything and after reaching Bagdogra, you next destination may vary accordingly. A Cab service provides you flexibility and convenience. You could now book your cab for a wide range of services like

car rental service

  • Outstation Travel

  • Day Rentals

  • Sightseeing

  • Transfers

  • Taxi Drops

  • Round Trip


Darjeeling, Sikkim, Bhutan or Dooars

car rental

If your destination is within any of these 4 destinations, it is advised to rent a cab service. Cab drivers under car rental agencies have always proved to be very humble and supportive. Besides, these drivers are also hired after much background research and experience. Your safety is also assured and all of this comes to you at an unbelievable rate.

It is every single thing inside a travel journey that makes the experience perfect and if your car rental is as smooth as butter and your driver very polite, it adds to the authenticity of your much awaited travel experience. There is also no manipulation of rates like other airport shuttles.


For a Customized Experience

Who would not enjoy or want their road trip to be as they have anticipated it to be. So if you are smart enough to book a car rental service before your Bagdogra arrival, you shall have booked a complete experience along with it. Your journey should be completely as you wanted it to be and your car rental shall help you towards making your transfer memorable. So be smart and don’t wait for the last moment.

Think ahead Book Early !!  

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