Top four travel agents in Siliguri

Top four travel agents in Siliguri


Travel agents make our lives easier in more one just one way. While planning a vacation, we face a lot of different challenges as to make the booking beforehand separately. Especially if the places that we plan to visit are not fully known to us, making contacts based on the local whereabouts of things become difficult. That is where travel agents give us a sense of relief by pre-planning the entire vacation for us. The travel agents in Siliguri are quite effective and experienced regarding all these things as they do it as a profession. Booking a travel agent is also pocket- friendly because they include all kind of travel, living and food services within the same package.

These are the best 4 travel agents in Siliguri

Travo Connections

This is one of the most renowned travel agents in Siliguri. They provide services that are often custom-made which fulfill all the requirements of a client. They have their own car service which will pick up and drop all their clients right from the time of their arrival in the location. Since they are a reputed company, you can easily rely on the services that are provided by them. They employ guides who have a vast knowledge about the local places.

Meher vacations

Another very well known name in the market of travel agencies in town, Meher Vacations have skill employee in terms of experience in hospitality sector. Their staffs are well behaved and patient in nature mostly. Every client has different requirements and they have proven to deliver services accordingly ever since they are in Business.

Utkarsh Travels

They operate in areas like Dooars, Darjeeling, Sikkim and other parts of West Bengal depending on the client’s requirements. Known for very good hospitality they have hardly failed in deliver whatever they have promised to the clients. Among the various services that they provide, the hotels and the car rental services are quite renowned.

Sky Tour and Travels

This travel agency in Siliguri is one amongst the ranked companies, which have very good performance reviews. They present tour packages in the regions like Darjeeling, Sikkim, Gangtok, Kalimpong and other places in Dooars. They too have their own car rental service and they prefer including almost every arrangement under their banner for the convenience of their customers.

So if you are looking forward to planning a vacation in areas like Darjeeling, Sikkim or even Dooars, you can find the best tour operator that suits your budget among the above mentioned ones. They are completely trustworthy in terms of services provided.

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