Mystery of Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir, Sikkim

Mystery of Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir, Sikkim



Yes, we are perennially drawn towards mystery. Often mysteries remain a mystery forever. The endeavour to uncover the lid of a mysteries tales is next to impossible.

Such a mystery revolves around Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir, located at an altitude of 13,123 ft in the conjunction of Nathula Pass and Jelepla Pass is just about 52 kms from Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim. This temple was established to pay homage to the great Indian soldier, Baba Harbhajan Singh, who was, post his death in a war, enshrined at Nathula, Sikkim. The pious site is visited by the tourists from different parts of the world every year.

harbhajan singh mandir

Now, before we delve deeper into the mysterious tale of the Mandir, let's have a brief insight into the life of Harbhajan Singh:

Born to a Sikh family on 30th August, 1946 at the Kappurthala district of Punjab, Harbhajan joined the Indian Army at the age of 20. He was posted at the border. In the year 1968 while he was escorting a mule column in Sikkim, he was drowned in a fast flowing stream and his body was carried away by a powerful current. Nobody was able to trace his body for three days. It is believed that a Sepoy friend of his was informed in his dream about the exact location of his body with his wish to be cremated there. This incident sparked the mystery among the villagers that his soul exists. Later a memorial was built at the cremating spot which came to be known as Baba Harbhajan Singh Mandir.

Decades after his death, his mysterious presence is still felt among the people especially the Indian soldiers who were assigned to the save the country against any impending attacks. During meetings where flag hoisting is a main ritual the Chinese set a chair to commemorate the great soldiers. It has been believed down the ages that any army official not abiding by the discipline or not maintaining the proper uniform is slapped by Harbhajan Singh. His own attire is cleaned without a person cleaning it.

The Temple has become a place of pilgrimage for decades after the Baba Harbhajan Singh was enshrined. Inside the temple large photos of the great patriot can be seen. The ritual of leaving water bottle and then collecting it later on is popular among the tourists. They believe that their dreams would become a reality if they drink the pious water. Although it is just a belief but people are practising this ritual at the mandir for years without challenging the popular belief system. Going against science, this belierf system is so powerful that hardly anyone tries to go for a reality check of his presense. In a way to bestow love for our country and those freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives either to free india from the bondange or to guard the country from enmity and attacks we believe in the power of his soul protecting our mother land.

Yet, the mystery of his presence is still unresolved. May be, some lids of mysterious tales are better not to be resolved.






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